S & S Centerless Grinding Inc

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About Us

S & S Centerless Grinding Inc, founded in 1985, is a customer focused provider of precision ground parts and bars. With over 50 years of on-staff grinding experience, S & S is capable of providing both thru feed centerless and plunge grinding from one off to production volumes.

Industries Served

Centerless grinding plays a pivotal role across a myriad of industries, offering a versatile and precise solution for the machining of cylindrical components. It is indispensable in automotive manufacturing, providing the means to produce precision-engineered parts like shafts, pins, and bushings. In aerospace, centerless grinding ensures the creation of components with exacting tolerances, contributing to the sector's stringent quality standards. The medical industry benefits from its ability to fabricate finely detailed components for medical devices and implants. Moreover, centerless grinding finds applications in the production of consumer goods, enhancing the precision and quality of items ranging from kitchen appliances to electronics. This machining technique's adaptability and precision make it a cornerstone in industries where finely tuned cylindrical components are integral to product performance and reliability. Industries served include but not limited to are:

Materials Grinding Capability

With our highly skilled craftmen in our grinding shop, we boast exceptional material grinding capabilities that underscore our commitment to precision and quality. Equipped with Cincinnati machinery and cutting-edge technology, our skilled technicians adeptly handle a diverse range of materials, including various metals such as steel, aluminum, brass, and more. Whether it's precision surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, or centerless grinding, our capabilities extend to achieving tight tolerances and fine surface finishes. We prioritize efficiency and accuracy, employing dedicated craftsmen to ensure consistency in every project. Our dedicated team of experts, coupled with our comprehensive understanding of metallurgy, allows us to tailor our grinding processes to the specific properties of each material, enhancing durability, strength, and overall performance. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our metal grinding shop stands as a reliable partner for clients seeking superior results in material grinding.

Centerless Grinding Capability

Our centerless grinding capabilities stand at the forefront of precision machining, exemplifying a commitment to exacting standards and meticulous craftsmanship. In our facility, we deploy Cincinnati centerless grinding machines that excel in delivering unparalleled precision for cylindrical components. This process eliminates the need for a central spindle, allowing for the grinding of external diameters with exceptional accuracy. Our skilled technicians, well-versed in the nuances of centerless grinding, meticulously control variables such as wheel and workpiece speed, ensuring consistent and precise results. This method not only facilitates the achievement of tight tolerances but also imparts superior surface finishes to the machined components. The centerless grinding capabilities in our shop epitomize the pinnacle of precision engineering, making us the preferred choice for clients seeking flawless results in the machining of cylindrical parts. Explore our range of high-quality steel products tailored to meet your specific needs.

Contact us for questions or quotes by calling 763-781-2405 or via email at sales@ssgrind.com

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